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The 2023 CAST

Special Guest Artists
Joe Stylezzz and Ellie Stylezzz


Joe from Knoxville, TN moved to Orlando at the age of 19 to pursue dance. He became more than he could even dream of; traveled to places he only saw his favorite dancers go, to now sharing the stage with some of the greatest! Joe has been honored to take home several wins like 2014, 2015 & 2017 HHI Locking Gold medal, 2014 NEON Las Vegas going to Ghetto-Styles in Paris France, representing USA in the Finals and the 2016 KOD Locking USA Champ. He also took the win at BASHVILLE STAMPED in April 2015. In 2021 Joe competed in the GKUA battle presented by Lil Wayne. Joe is a part of ATEAMLV, where like-minded individual entrepreneurs that share the love for dance come together. Joe has since expanded and left his footprint overseas in China, owning a dance studio & Assistant with producing one of the largest kids battle, King of Children. For the past 5 years Joe has been the leader of fitness in the dance community and continues to share his love for dance with his 9-year-old daughter, Elli.

This year Joe returns to Orlando after 14 years to perform in “Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker” alongside his daughter Josiah- Elicia aka Elli. Joe’s debut performance in 2008 at the Bob Carr (The Chocolate Nutcracker) since trademark 2012 (Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker). Orlando Community Arts welcome Joe and Elli to Orlando.  We are so excited!



Josiah-Elicia also known as Elli, a 9-year-old street dancer. She is also known as the “Villages Kid” with her loving energy and genuine love for dance, she managed to absorb All Styles of street dance from her dad; Joe-Stylezzz and the Las Vegas/LA Dance community. Elli has been dancing since 3 and when we say dancing, she’s been calling out people to battle, Anytime…Anywhere! With her confidence, Elli has managed to climb her way into the adult battles scene and at times facing off in the Top 8. Elli recently booked her first commercial and has now taken an interest in singing. This is not Elli’s first stage performance, but you will see she loves to perform and can’t wait to show you who she is!



  • IG: @elli_stylezzz

  • IG: @joe_stylezzz

  • TIKTOK: The_stylezzzfam

Sairi Witherspoon


Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 11_edited.jpg

Sairi Witherspoon is a 15-year-old high school freshman who has attended Avalon Dance Company for the last nine years. She trains in all forms of dance, but especially enjoys jazz, contemporary, and musical theater. In 2022, Sairi recognized as an exceptional dancer by Heat Force and awarded a Dance Scholarship. Sairi plans to pursue a dance degree as part of her academic journey. She is excited to be a part of the 2023 production of Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker. 

Dominiq Luckie

Chocolate Nutcracker Prince

Dominiq Luckie was raised in Jacksonville, Fla. where he trained at LaVilla School of the Arts, followed by Jacksonville Center of the Arts. Later, he traded football for Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and trained at Next Generation Ballet. He competed in the 2017 Youth American Grand Prix and was top six in both classical and contemporary. This is Dominiq’s third season with Ballet Memphis and with Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker.

Dominiq Luckie - Orange background.png

Xiomi Dean Johnson

Sugar Plum Fairy

Xiomi Dean Johnson is a 15-year-old aspiring young dancer full of energy, ambition and an overall love for everything dance. 

Born in Jacksonville, FL, Xiomi started her career in competitive gymnastics with Reflex Gymnastics at the age of 10 years old.  Not long after however, Xiomi transitioned her power and grace as a gymnast into the world of dance.   

A featured performer for many middle and high school dance team performances, Xiomi continued to expand her skills through choreography and costume selection. 

Xiomi has been training and dancing competitively for three years with Avalon Dance Company in Orlando, FL. Earning high scores in improvisational dance, solo performances and group routines across multiple styles of dance.  

When not performing Xiomi enjoys listening to Kpop, caring for animals and just hanging out with her friends. 



Mouse King

Andre Gallon was raised in Jacksonville,Fl where he began his training under the instruction of Ms. Laurie Byrd at the age of 6 with The Florida Ballet Training Center. Years later at an Orlando Ballet summer intensive, he would be offered a place in the Trainee Program with the Orlando Ballet School for 15’/16’. After several years of going through the ranks and joining the main company Mr. Gallon had the opportunity to perform in Micheal Pink’s “Dracula”, American Ballet Theater’s “Don Quixote”, and also lead roles in Victoria Morgan’s “Cinderella” as Prince Charming, Desiree in Sleeping Beauty, and Matthew in Jorden Morris’s “Moulin Rouge.” During these years he also had the chance to take part in the Jacobs Pillow Ballet intensive with Anne-Marie Holmes, while also getting to learn new work by choreographers such as Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. Mr. Gallon is currently a dancer with Ballet Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Andre Gallon - Mouse King.jpg


Y.E.S.S. Orlando Young Lions Drummer and Soloist

Charisma is a high school freshman and a competitive dancer at Shooting Stars School of Performing Arts. She is also the drummer and marketing director of Y.E.S.S. Orlando Young Lions. Outside of dance, Charisma enjoys acting, modeling and volunteering. Last year, she made her debut in four episodes of a TLC Reality Show and modeled for New York Fashion Week. In addition, Charisma is a volunteer for Teens Go Green Global, Orlando Union Rescue Mission and Give Kids the World.

Charisma Tran Headshot 2022.jpg

Mahkari "Kari" Lozell

Clare's brother Fritz

Mahkari "Kari" Lozell - Clare's brother Fritz - is an outgoing, loving kid. At age 4, he fell in love with African dance as a student at the Orlando School of Cultural Dance. He continued to dance in several shows including NuLook's summer show where he was introduced to various other dance styles including Hip Hop, Ballet and Caribbean dance. This is Kari's fourth year in Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker.

Kari-Clares Brother.png

Ezra Ben Kaniyah


Ezra Ben Kaniyah is 26 years old and was born and raised in St.Louis, Missouri. He has 20+ years of drumming experience under the leadership of Sunshine Lee, Weesie Braimah, Atur Eleeahsah, Asaur Owens, & Caph Geui. 

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